Monday, March 25, 2013

Are there no "normal" pictures of me?

So, I am making a LinkedIn account and trying to find the most professional looking picture of me. After scrolling through tons of photos, I realized that I am usually being silly when the camera is pointed at me! It's not as though I have those horrible drunken pics that people regret putting out in the world....there are just a lot of me jumping...doing yoga poses in the middle of nowhere...eating (lots of those!)....totally bundled up in big cozy hats...doing my "Lewis and Clark" pointing....and so on. 

 I would like to point out, MOM, that there are a lot of you like this, too! Does the apple not fall far from the tree?

While I may be the kind of person who would hire someone sticking their head through the cut-out of a wooden snowman or chili pepper, I'm not really in that position, am I? 
I thought I would share some of these random shots!

Here I am in Roslyn, WA, pretending to be the DJ for the TV show Northern Exposure
Would you hire her?

Pretending to be one of the goats!
Leavenworth, WA

Oh, you didn't see boat captain on my resume? How strange. You can see from this picture, I have a lot of experience. I sail around to coffee shops.

Who doesn't hug and kiss George Washington?
Olympia, WA

And, I have been doing a little painting.

Now, back to the job search!


Ryan said...

I don't have many picture of myself either, mostly because I don't like them. The exception is silly photos like yours, or where I am posing with my dogs.

Joanna said...

haha, I love all of your pics - who wants a 'normal' one, eh?! I'd be more likely to choose someone in a silly pose than a sensible grown up one.

For many years I refused to have my photo taken but then I sadly realised that my kids would have no record of me having existed, so now I almost insist on my photo being taken at every opportunity - either in silly mode or, even worse, with the 'sack of potatoes' look.


Donna, Doni, Lady D said...

HA! Enjoyed that post, Katie. I would choose the Northern Exposure one for Linkedin. Looks very professional, but you may have to log it under media gurus. :o) Your little painting is lovely. Back to the photos - you obviously have fun when you are out - that's gotta be a good thing. Now pose for the camera and look like an 'Artist'. hugs, Donna

Corrine at said...

I suspect there are folks out there who would welcome a person who would be in all those photos for their spunk and individuality and not for blending into the pack....a clear thinker who isn't afraid to try new things and be creative in new ways.....good luck in your job hunt and just be the Katie we all know and adore...xox

Penny said...

I love all of these! Hmmm as an employer I might prefer this kind of picture to the perfectly posed kind - shows someone with imagination, adventure and fun in their life. Perfect!

Beth said...

All your photos are so cute! And I tend to agree with the other comments - sometimes it's good for your profile to stand out a little. Not mention that you could certainly worse - as you said yourself! ;)

Karen Isaacson said...

you're hired!

Barbara said...

You see whimsy and wonder in everything, so for me these photos of you are very normal, :)

Lorraine said...

like your painting. As for Linked in..just post a photo that you like it doesnt have to be serious but reflect your character..thanks for visiting my blog