Monday, April 29, 2013


Hi everyone! I haven't been around much lately. We have been house hunting, and found the One in Franklin! I am so's lovely. I will get some pictures posted soon. The inspection is this Friday, and I'm hoping it all goes well. Looks like we'll be moving again in June. Wait, didn't I just do this? Yup. Good thing I left 70% of it packed!

I also have all my postcards from Liberate Your Art to post! It's has been a fun 6 weeks! Wow- that time flew by!

Last weekend, a friend an I went to an auction for Indianapolis Public Schools. It was my first auction and I didn't know what to was AWESOME!
 There were all kinds of things....and about 20 Singer sewing machines mounted on sewing tables ( not in the picture...but you know what those look like!) that sold for ( GET THIS!) $5!!! Yes, 5 bucks! That's the price of a latte!
 I figured I'd get one, and even if the machine didn't work, I could use the table! I plugged it in today and it appears to run like a champ! It seems to be missing a foot though. I may have to look this up online. I'm planning to use it for odd mixed media, encaustic, and paper projects. 

I wonder how many kids came through high school Home-Ec learning on this?

Hope you're all having a nice spring! I'll be stopping by blogs soon! Sometimes, I lurk around and just don't comment! XO

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A Slideshow with Ford

Last weekend, a friend and I went treasure hunting at the Indie Arts vintage Marketplace! 

I am always attracted to old photos and's sort of my version of "bright shiny objects".
A small box of old slides caught my eye. Upon further inspection, I realized they were old slides from the Ford Motor Company. There were all kinds of factory shots, men working, and only one with an old truck in it. The slides are 4'' x 3'' and framed with a thin metal. 

I gathered up a pile of some of my favorite images, not knowing what I will be using them for. I believe this is how I acquire most of my art objects. I just know i want to use them. I have visions of some kind of window panel or light box.  Maybe a stained glass lampshade for a shop light. Oh yea, Dad would love it!  Truthfully, it could be years until they work their way into my art, but I am guessing they will.

What do you bet this first slide says, "Safety is everybody's business"?

I love images from big industry. The machinery fascinates me.

Moving to Indiana has been great for the vintage shopping alone!