Tuesday, October 30, 2012

New Found Opportunities in Indiana

I am so excited about selling some Christmas ornaments at a local shop in Franklin, IN. It's Middle Davids artisan candles, and the owner, Tauria, is so lovely to offer. Besides making delicious soy candles, they have several local artists selling there- beautiful pottery, baskets, handmade books, jewelry, and Tauria's weaving.
And, now, my ornaments too! Here are some I dropped off today.

Also, I have decided to do my first Craft Fair. Franklin has it one day ( Dec 1st) in a building downtown. It's only $20 for a booth. I will bring my items from the Etsy shop, and I better get making more! Planning on more ornaments, some cards, and art quilts.
Hope you all made it through the storm okay. I was thinking of you last night.

Friday, October 26, 2012

It's starting to come together...

My new Indiana home is coming together. Most importantly, the craft room is unpacked and usable! I have a big room here for it. In Washington, the guest room was doubling as a work space and my crafts seemed to be more in the living room, dining room, and all over!
It's not completely organized, but here are a few pics!
So many work spaces!

Got to work on mail art envelopes!

Here's the painting/ collage I bought at the auction in Olympia! It is called
"Woman" by Judy Cook!
I love it!

"Woman" by Judy Cook, Olympia, WA artist
More to come soon. I am still busy with all kinds of moving stuff. Also, the local shop owner I met when we were here for the interview, asked me to make Christmas ornaments to sell there. I am so excited...and busy sewing little quilted decorations. I'll post them soon.
Forgive me for not being a very good blog friend these days. I need to visit eveyone!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Antique Shopping in Indiana

I have already been hitting the antique shops around Shelbyville and Indianapolis. I have been wanting an old photo album forever- I have a project in mind- but the ones I see are normally so expensive. I found this purple velvet one in an antique mall in Indy. It also came with 3 tin types in it. I found some more tin types in Franklin the other day too. Being in between jobs, I probably shouldn't be buying these things.....but you know how it goes! And, who can pass up a $15 album.
Here are some of the finds!

We're getting settled into our new town. We are still waiting on our moving truck though. It should be here Saturday or Sunday. Until then, I'll enjoy checking out local shops and sights. Tomorrow, we may drive to some touristy towns, Nashville, Indiana and Columbus, Indiana. Everyone says they're really quaint and the fall colors are so nice right now.