Saturday, April 21, 2012

Silk Cocoon Books

Happy Saturday, everyone!

Today is a sunny day in the Northwest....the sun is motivating me to get to crafting! A good time to felt outside with the birds. Also, I am making some more silk cocoon books. Back in December I started some and loved how they turned out (Here's one).  I considered submiting them to a magazine, but I decided to put them in my Etsy shop instead. It has only been a day and they are already a hit! One sold and the rest have gotten a lot of attention! This makes me happy! It's a whole other world for me to put things in my shop as opposed to my blog. I also get nervous when something does sell- I hope they like it as much as me. So far, it's going pretty well, and I'm still having fun with it.

Here a couple others I hadn't posted on my blog before and are now in the shop.

Relish the moment!

Dance every evening.

Have a great weekend!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Felt Cluster

As I felt beads,  I always end up with neat end pieces.  And, I have little felted balls all around my sewing table. I started pinning them onto a large felted piece...and kept going...and am creating my own funky pincushion.

Hope you all have a wonderful week!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Penny, You've created a Monster!

Thank you, Penny, for adding one more thing to my list of hobbies!
Lovely Penny from Art Journey sent me a great box with punchneedle goodies to give it a try! It always amazes me how generous my blog friends are- I opened the box to find tons of threads, 2 books, and yards of cloth! It was like Christmas! Wow!

I started out, after carefully ( so I thought) reading all the directions,  punching...when I flipped it over it just didn't look right...why are the loops huge? What's up?
Everything says this is easy!
After some experimenting, and re-reading the directions, I realized that the needle I was using didn't have the guard (?) that stopped the needle after about a quarter inch---so I was stabbing it down about 4 inches! Oops...don't do that! Trust's ugly.  

But, now I am on my way! I wouldn't go so far as to call it "easy" yet...these punches look pretty spaced out...and I still pull out some of my loops.  I will keep practicing, Penny, and keep you posted.

Thanks again! You're so kind.

Here is my first project-practice piece!

Look at all this wonderful loot! Weee! Penny- these books have the coolest projects!

This blue and purple thread is my favorite!