Friday, September 21, 2012

Tonight was the art show opening!

The art show at the Washington Center for Performing Arts opened tonight. My parents came to town for the event, too. We all went out for a nice dinner before and made an evening of it.
Here's me with my art quilts!

The auction helps support the Arts Center here in Olympia, WA. If you want to check out all the art, or bid,  go to

What a fun night. Once I get settled in Indiana I'll have to look into doing more shows.
Only 3 more days before the movers come. Tonight was such a great way to say goodbye to Olympia.

Monday, September 10, 2012

One of the things I'll miss

I love all the different views of Mt Ranier I get in Western Washington, and especially the ones from an airplane taking off out of Seatac.

Good news though- we found a place to live! We're going to be in Shelbyville, IN. It is such a cute, small town about 20 miles from Indianapolis. I've been researching the community and it appears there are a lot of cool things happening there.  And, I must say, those Hoosiers are the nicest. I just got off the phone with my new landlord and she told me she put toilet tissue in the bathrooms for us. She also said she'd have "her guy" mow the lawn so it looks nice when we get there. I am not used to landlords trying to make things more comfortable for me.
The house here is a maze of boxes, and I think I've already done 3 trips to Goodwill. It's starting to come together, thanks, too, to my parents coming last weekend to help! My mom is like a professional mover in the dining room!
More updates soon.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Farewell Washington, Hello Indiana

That's right...........I am moving to Indiana!
We found out Friday that my husband got the job and it has been a whirlwind of planning and packing. The moving truck arrives on Sept. 25th. That leaves me a little over 2 weeks to have it all done. ( Just packing my craft room took a day and a half!)
I keep meaning to post, and had ideas of uploading pictures of things in Indiana, but, you know, I honestly have no time for uploading pictures. So, I thought I better at least type something and let you all know.
The big quest has been finding a place for the movers to take my stuff. I'm hoping to have one locked in tomorrow. ( fingers crossed. more on that if we get it)
We'll be living about 20 miles south of Indianapolis. I really liked that city- small and laid back. There is going to be a lot to explore. And, in Franklin, where my husband will work, I already made a friend who is going to teach me to weave!
I love moving. Actually, being in Olympia for 4 years was unusual for me. I thrive on new places and meeting people and discovering a new area. I never planned on Indiana........but I generally just go where the wind blows me. This time it's gonna plop me down in the middle of a corn field.
I'll post when I find some time here and there, and I'll be stopping by your blogs soon.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Lubomyr's Mail Art Project

Here is my altered envelope I did for Lubomyr, my wonderful and talented mail art friend in Ukraine.
Check out her blog to see more of them.

I'll be posting more this week. Big changes and adventures coming soon...