Thursday, May 31, 2012

How I celebrate birthdays...

Lots of jumping and silly poses, of course...
May 28th

In Moab, Utah and Arches National Park.

The trip to Colorado was amazing! The felting workshop was inspiring and wonderful! I will get more posted soon....may need another day of sleep first! :0)

by Wilson Arch near Moab,UT

You should have seen the landing...

More fun at Wilson Arch

Can you tell I don't actually do yoga? Haha!

Arches Nat'l Park

So, here I am, 36!

More soon!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Almost Road Trip Time!

It's almost time to hit the road- one more day of packing and organizing. 1289 miles to Durango, Colorado.
I'm looking forward to heading down the highway. The first days' goal is Boise, Idaho, but we'll see if I really feel like driving 10 hours. I want to get as close to Salt Lake City as possible because that is Monday's destination.
I really like SLC so we're going to stay there a day and do some exploring.
Tuesday, the journey continues through Utah, down some 2 lane highways, through the desert and heat, stopping in Moab and Arches, and finalling in Durango.

I decided for our trip we needed an extra special travel journal/ sketchbook. I had this fabric signature and sewed in some paper ( and my sewing machine needle somehow made it through all these layers mostly with ease). We can jot down fun things from the trip and sketch scenes. There are some pockets to keep mementos like menus, receipts, postcards, etc.

I will take photos of our book when we get back too. And, of course, photos from the trip!
See you soon!

Monday, May 7, 2012

The perfect Ring!

Look, it's my new ring! Isn't this great!!

I may not be crafting too much lately, but I sure am supporting the crafting community on Etsy!

This is my new favorite shop, Nothing but String!

Her rings are so affordable too...I had to order one for a friend.


Sunday, May 6, 2012

I'm still here

Hi Everyone! I am still around.
I haven't done too much crafting lately. A few weeks ago i painted some fabric in the sun, but it remains to be used. One of these days... It will be waiting.

I need to do a major spring cleaning of the craft room and see what I have, and look for inspiration for some new projects.

These fabrics may become wall hangings or notebook covers...

I did make a lavendar sachet for my cousin. These were some flowers I had painted on muslin a while back. See, eventually, I find a way I want to use these bits of fabric.

We are off to Durango, Colorado in a couple weeks for a road trip and the felting workshop with Lisa Klakulak! I have been looking forward to it for months! I have to get together my supply list and figure out some simple images for the surface designs. I will definately be sharing what I make when I return.

Hope you're all well! See ya soon. xo