Saturday, December 15, 2012

Goth Girl Gets Quilting

Goth girl has some color!
It's like the Manic Panic hair dye I used in highschool!
( I don't know why my dad didn't like my blue hair.)

I think I'll add some embroidery detail in those boxes.


Sunday, December 9, 2012

More Pages in the Works

More painting and sewing...

She's my little Goth girl.


Friday, December 7, 2012

Art Journal: In Paint & Stitches

I have been inspired to do more art journaling since joining the meetup group in Indy. I like to sketch and doodle, but I usually don't love it. That is, until I start doodling and sketching with fabric and mixing things up.
So, I started a new fabric journal. This gal is painted with acrylics and stitched---had to dust off the free motion foot. Gonna need some more practice with that. But, that's the great thing about making things for me--- there can be some loose threads and funky harsh lines in what should be a swirl.

I'm going to take it to the journal group tomorrow and sew on some words and play with embroidery. We'll see where the book goes.

Monday, December 3, 2012

I love Craft Fairs!

The craft fair was so much fun!

My little table turned out nice and I had lovely neighbors, most of whom were doing their first craft fair too. I went in not knowing what would sell, how many people would turn out, how the whole experience would be,  and how I would do...but I had hopes. I feel like like those hopes were exceeded! I met so many wonderful people- customers and vendors alike. It was great to get feedback on my artwork and display.
The most wonderful part was hearing why people were buying any particular item. A woman bought one of my sketchbooks because she LOVES to make lists and wanted one place to keep them. I am crazy about making lists! I love to plan something just to make the lists! It made me happy to know the sketchbook would be a list keeper for someone!
A young woman stopped by and purchased several cards to send to her boyfriend, a Marine being deployed overseas soon. I love the idea of this heart card carrying romantic messages to her man.

I had so much fun making the cards and was glad that people seemed to enjoy them.

One of my dolls also found a home with a wonderful woman. There is something extra special about the dolls. Once I paint on a tiny face and give them a personality they become more than a "thing". I am always so happy when a doll goes to live with a new friend.
I am already looking into next year and what craft fairs I may do!
Thank you everyone for the well wishes and luck! xo

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Off to the craft Fair...

Here I go!!
First Craft excited...I have butterflies!
I just tried to upload some photos of my cards and it appears my blog has hit it's max on photo storage. Has anyone else ever been here? I see there is a plan for about $2.50 a month...or can you delete old photos?
What have you all done?
Wish me luck!