Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Where did May go?

Time ( and apparently creating) got away from me this month...but I've been having the most fun!

I had a trip to Colorado visiting my dear friend, Sara. Here is the stack of letters that I have sent her over the last 12 years or so. Yes, she saves this stuff!  It was so fun to read through them- damn, have I spent a lot of time obsessing over boys! Ha!

They pretty much read as new guy, new job, new city, repeat. hee! hee!

Somewhere in here I did finally put a binding on a wall hanging with my Grandma and items of hers transfered on fabric. Check. Complete SOMETHING.

And last week it was all about my birthday. Day?  Not long enough...it has been extended to a week. And my husband, friends, and family really made me feel loved! The mailman was kept busy. Thank you all!

We went out the day before on a little shopping trip. We were tempted to buy this set-up at an antique mall in town....if only there were more 8 tracks besides Lawrence Welk!!

I spent most of Memorial Day painting and trying out my encaustic stuff. In the end the whole canvas was just covered over again in gesso! It really did look terrible!  But I never  attached these stamps from Mexico I had dipped in wax. They'll find their way into the next canvas.
Donna, I wonder if these are your mail art gems? I received them from another Good Mail Day friend and like to think they made their way here through you!

And this? Well, this is the kind of crap I do when someone points a camera at me!!! Weeee!

Especially when it's my new fancy pants camera my husband got me for my birthday...now, need to learn how to use it and get some better pictures up on this blog! 

June starts tomorrow. More creating too.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Throwing Layers On

Everything is in some phase of completion these days. I have been layering a background for either a mixed media painting or something to use with my Erosion Bundle items.

Also, my apologies to everyone for appearing to have not been visiting, I am one of those stuck in some blogger loop and can't leave comments. However, I have been enjoying many of all your latest posts!
See you soon...I hope!

This and That

Hello everyone! I haven't been doing too much new lately with a vacation to Colorado and enjoying Spring... But I am back on track and have some new inspiration!

One, is this lucious bundle of silk fabric I got today with my gift card from Ruby Street Quiltworks for my doll prize;

And, a very cool fabric I found in Fort Collins, CO at a funky shop in Old Town...

I also played around with my Acrylic Artist Inks and made a little lady for an ipod case

I am looking forward to a long weekend of sewing, painting, and who knows...

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Fabric covers for little notebooks

Making some little gifts for friends. Quilting some covers for the small 2''x4'' notebooks.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Another card swap with Mom

Here's what Mom had to work with:

And here is Mom's card!
ooh, took a little beating in the postal machines!

Here's what I had to work with:

And here's what I made:

Monday, May 9, 2011

Exciting News for Bianca

Little Bianca won the Staff pick prize at Ruby Street Quiltworks!

I am so honored and was thrilled to hear I had won...and excited to spend my gift card I received! More fabric and ribbon for dolls!
I hope they get the other entries posted on their website soon. There were some amazing creations with ribbon, from jewelry to clothing, art quilts, purses, and all kinds of gems!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Questions for the Mailman

Apartment mailbox from 1916

If you know me, you know I LOVE mail; letters, mail art, postcards, packages, quick hellos, fabric postcards, and anything you can put a stamp on. I am a little bit obsessed with mail. This all led to an idea to interview a mail carrier for my blog from time to time. As much mail as I send,  I have somehow never met my own mailman ( I blame this on those new neighborhood security mailboxes...not a fan), but I have befriended my best friend's mailman 1800 miles away in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She has had the same mailman for over 10 years and I have occasionally written a little "Hello" or "Thank you mailman" on letters and postcards, and last Christmas I figured he should get his own holiday card c/o Jodi.

So, when I decided to do my questionnaire, "John the mailman" was my first choice! And, to my surprise, he didn't even think I was crazy, and he graciously agreed to answer my questions ( written out properly, stamped, and pop it in the mailbox!).

Here is a little bit about John
Milwaukee, WI 53208

John with a friendly cat on his route

How long have you been a mailman and what did you do before this?
I've been a mailman for 21 years now, as of Feb. 10th. I graduated from Marquette University with a liberal arts/ English degree in 1981. Bad time to leave college with a recession and all. My first job out of college was as a claims adjuster, a job I hated.

What's the most interesting or unusual thing you've delivered?
It's hard to say what the most unusual thing I've delivered might be. I'm a romantic, and I'd like to think that on any given day, I'm delivering letters from one star-crossed, dewy-eyed lover to another. As to the stuff I've knowingly delivered, I suppose it was an urn of a customer's father's ashes. That was a heavy package too.

What's the nicest thing someone on your route has done for you?
There are a lot of nice things people do and have done for me. There's one woman whose dad was a mailman, and he always got cookies and baked goods from the retired ladies on his route. So when she retired she started baking stuff for me. And her stuff is really GOOD! I've started recommending her chocolate chip cookies as an all-natural cure for the blues.

( And my Christmas card made the list!)

One of John's favorites

What do you hate to deliver?
I hate to deliver accountable mail- certified and registered mail- to people whose houses are being forclosed. You can feel the despair.

Do you have a favorite stamp that the USPS has issued?
I like the new puppy and kitty ones. I also liked the "Letter Carriers- We Deliver" ones from 15-20 years ago. I think the old ones- the 3 and 4 centers from the 1950s and 60s are the ones I most like to see. Of course, there were also some Green Bay Packers Commemoratives from '97 and '99 that I liked so much I got First Day Issue for each.
(Green Bay is my hometown!)

Have you ever been bitten by a dog (or person)?
I got bit by one dog-on my stomach of all places. Big target, I guess. If that stupid dog only knew how much I like dogs, maybe he wouldn't have done it!

Anything about your uniform mail carriers wish they could change?
I posed this question to the assembled masses out on the dock having a smoke before work. Most people wouldn't change a thing because, well, we're guys- and since it's a uniform we don't worry about picking stuff out and making it match and all that- we're just not that picky. I actually think the uniform one of the things the Post Office got right.

(hmmm,I will have to find a woman to ask in the future.)

Has anything embarrassing ever happened on the job?
Well, there was one day when I was delivering to a neighborhood, and noticed a huge number of greeting cards for one address,  and said to the woman who came to the door, "Looks like it's somebody's birthday!" Pause. "Actually," she said, "My husband just died." Now, I've said a lot of stupid things over the years, but I've never wanted to take one back nearly as fast as that one.
There was also the time a woman said she'd introduce me to someone she thought I'd like- and it turned out to be her brother. She assumed because I was still single and never married at 40+ that I must be gay.

And lastly, I always love to ask people this; What is something we can't tell by looking at you?
One of the many things you can't tell by looking at me is that I am NOT an idiot. So many people get the impression that mail carriers may be nice, but not so smart. If I had a dime for every person who treated me like I couldn't spell "cat" if I were spotted the "c" and the "a", I'd be retired already with a lake home and a time share in Ireland.

A big "Thank you", John, for taking time to mail these, put up with follow-up emails, and email some pictures from your Milwaukee route. If anyone has a question for the mailman, feel free to leave it in the comments.... I think we could convince John to answer some more! :0)

apartments along the way

And everyone go bake some goodies for your dedicated mail carriers! I know mine deserves it- what goes through his head when he sees another stack of fabric postcards and crazy mail art? Also, according to John, make sure your mailbox is emptied while traveling so they can still fit all your mail goodies (and junk) in there!

*John, hope all your days are 65 degrees and full of sunshine!*