Monday, April 25, 2011

Mother- Daughter Postcard Swap

Since we both love to sew fabric postcards I came up with this idea for mom and I to do.
 We each mail each other an envelope filled with random scraps of fabrics and trims.
We have to use only those materials to make a card
and then pop it in the mail!

Here are the contents of the envelope I sent Mom:

 And here is the card Mom made:

Here is what Mom sent me:

And I made this...

Next envelope of goodies on its way!
It's fun to be forced to work with someone else's stash and style.
And these seem awfully fitting with Mother's Day around the corner.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Opening the Erosion Bundle

A nice, sunny day to see what the rolled and tied fabric will reveal....

Here is what a long, rainy winter gave me:

I really love how this postcard aged (even more) and the feather is practically glued on there. I have been wanting to try encaustic- this may be the nudge I needed. I think it would work great for that.

Another peice to dip in wax, I think!

Even more felted

And some more lovely rust stains, worn fabrics and things.
I have some ideas whirling around about what I might do with the Erosion Bundle. I will see you all in Summer with the creations.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Trims and Ribbon abound

We had a wonderful weekend visiting my parents in Central Washington. Mom and I did a little shopping for fabric and trims. The real fun though was raiding her craft closet- so many beautiful kinds of lace and interesting ribbons ( Thanks Mom!!). Today I found a jar of old wooden spools to start getting all these lovely treasures organized.

Here are some of the old and new.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Meet Bianca

Here is my new doll. One of the local quilt shops, Ruby Street Quiltworks, is having a challenge this month. The goal is to create something (a quilt, bag, trim, anything!) using one or more of the beautiful ribbons they sell. I decided to make a doll and outfit her with this beautiful, embroidered ribbon.
Here is Bianca

 I made her jacket reversible. Here it is with the red facing out. The reverse is a beautiful turquoise.

 I love her little purse. I lined it, gave it the smallest button I own, and used a broken necklace of my Grandma's for the strap.

 Without the jacket

 I crackled her face and hair and added a metal rose. The face and hands are made with Creative Paperclay. She is painted with acrylics.

little laces
I got to use my new Acrylic Artist Inks to paint on her shoes and then threaded my needle and laced them up.

 Showing off her little cape/jacket.

I am taking her over to Ruby Street this week. In May they will be posting all the entries.

Have a lovely week!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Slightly icky Erosion Bundle

I actually had done two erosion bundles...I was so excited about the first that the next day I put one in the dirt again. This second one was filled with the sliced potatoes and tea bags from breakfast along with some papers with alcohol inks and a photocopy of one of my collages. And some herbs...can't rememeber what and they came out as black clumps.

This second bundle was kept away from the other for fear of bugs that would be attracted to the potatoes. Good thing, because there were some yucky worms and a cute little snail.
 Here they are and my peice of fabric.


3 month old potatoes

I will unearth my bigger erosion bundle in a few weeks too. Then I get to create some things with these treasures.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Postcards,postcards,postcards...and beginnings of a doll

I have organized a Postcrossing meet-up here in my's tomorrow already. I had this goal of making a fabric postcard for eveyone who attends. Luckily, it should be a small group of five to ten. I've been using up scraps of quilting projects, the arylic artist ink doodles, old transfers I never did anything with, and some wool pressed in fusible (whatever that's called!). Here's a few cards I've made.

I am also working on another doll. Ruby Street Quiltworks, here in Olympia, is having a challenge this month to make something using the ribbons they sell. They have so many beautiful embroidered ribbons but I have decided to use only one.  I am making a little dress and accessories from it. I started a purse and I am still working on a little cape-like wrap. I hope to have her finished this week. I promise she'll be on here soon.
Here's a bit of what I have so far...

I have the perfect broken necklace chain to use for the strap

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Small Quilt #3

I finished the quilt top from our 3rd pattern in the Jo Morton small quilt club. I was inspired by Spring's pinks and greens.

Now, the goal is to have all three quilted and finished by the April meeting.
Six more to go!