Saturday, January 19, 2013

Day 7: Raw Food ( Pulling out all the stops today!)

It's the last day of my RAW FOOD Adventure!! 
I'm not sure what is more amazing- that I only ate 100% raw food for a week- or that I did a daily blog post!

I had a lot of recipes to prepare today. I watched the sun rise, then started mashing some bananas for my breakfast bars.

Sliced up zucchini, leeks, and parsley to get this salad marinating.

Made a new friend while I was at it.
( Had "Castaway" moment and realized I really need a job!)

I wanted to try a soup all week. Finally did this carrot and avocado soup with a pine nut creme.

And, I got to dig in to the cheesecake I made last night. I found this recipe on Rawmazing. It was easy to make and tastes wonderful! I substituted the dates with figs because that's what I had available... It worked perfect.

Doesn't this look beautiful! Really fun to photograph too. ( You should see the picture of it on Rawmazing  - she did two layers- you can see why I wanted to try this one!)

It has been a fun challenge this week. I learned a ton of new recipes.
 I am hosting the art journaling meetup group here in a couple weeks. I think I may just have to serve some raw desserts and salads. 
Thanks for all the great comments and following along this week. 

Now, back to the art.
...and stir fry.


craftattack said...

Stir fry - now that sounds good! The breakfast bars and cheesecake look good too! Hugs, Valerie

emma-alittlebitofeverything said...

Wow, I'm impressed with your week, in winter too! Love the beet dyeing & what you made, & a gorgeous sketchbook cover way back at the beginning of the week!

Barbara said...

Yay you!!

Donna, Doni, Lady D said...

I've really enjoyed spending this week with you Katie! More's the pity I was not closer to taste the delicious food - your photography in itself has been a work of art. Great challenge - I'm sure some of it will continue on with you on a regular basis. Also loved the paper dying with beets! xoDonna

Fuzzie Fingers said...

It has been interesting following your raw food diet and congrats for sticking to it for a week. However, the art and stir-fry sound great!

Corrine at said...

Some amazing recipes. Now after a week how do you feel? I will have to check out your link to rawmazing and see what's up! xox

Penny said...

Fun adventure. I really liked your 'Castaway' guy!! *smile* The food looks yummy.

Beth said...

That cheesecake looks amazing!