Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Day 3: Raw Food ( Temptation knocks at my door...literally)

No, really, it did!
 It was the Schwan's ice cream truck (sure,they sell food too, but we all know them for their treats)! I resisted...but I did get their catalog for when they're back in two weeks. I'll be ready for fudge ripple and that grasshopper pie. Despite the ice cream craving, I really am enjoying this Raw challenge.

I'm not sure if it's the raw food, or just the fun of this project, but I am full of energy today! I've been up since 5am and haven't stopped getting things done- some "need to" and some "want to"s. 

I started out my day with a bowl of oats in almond milk with grated apple, dried cranberries, and a dash of nutmeg. It was delicious....and much healthier than my skipping of breakfast all together. ( Normally, I am asleep during those hours)

Next, I put the oven on low and made some kale chips for snacking. These are great! I'm sure I'll make these again after my raw adventure, but with the oven turned up higher for faster cooking. At only 110 degrees it took about 2 hours to get them crispy. Well worth the wait though.

Dinner was a simple salad with red onions and mushrooms marinated in tamari soy sauce, red wine vinegar, and sesame oil. 

For dessert I tried a berry "ice cream" from the book. I tried half of it just refrigerated and the other half frozen---both were good. Served it with kiwis and bananas. The recipe has it served over bananas with a chocolate sauce, but I didn't buy any raw cocoa for the challenge, so went without this time. 

I am curious to see how only eating raw this week will effect me and my body, if at all. A week isn't very long, I know.  So, is today's great mood and energy from my diet or just a random good day? 
Either way, it's all good. 
Wishing you all wonderful days!!


Kim Andersen said...

I really don't think I could have that kind of discipline! But that's just fantastic that you notice such a difference in how you feel! Wow!

Barbara said...

This is fun!

Donna, Doni, Lady D said...

I have to say, I'm proud of you Katie! I'm sure I would have 'cheated' by now. It does sound quite wonderful though and you certainly are making a 110% effort. In regards to your questions on my blog, the journal is my 2013 journal - random thoughts, events, photos, etc. through out the year. I'll probably have to bind another. I'll tell you all about it in my letter. xodonna

craftattack said...

It looks great - now I fancy a big plate of fries! Hugs, Valerie

Jill Eudaly said...

In Nov I bought a book on eating raw..then holidays got us of track. plus it's cold out side my family wants hot food. I try to eat some raw food every day now..better than how I use to eat.
for hard core raw eating you might try www.hacres.com other fun places for recipes heavey on the veggies www.eatingbirdfood.com and www.allrecipes.com Whole Living magazine also has a huge recipe section in the Jan/feb issue. Life is a feast!

Penny said...

You're a stronger woman than I am!!!

Cindy said...

Oh Katie, this is AWESOME!! Your pictures are amazing and I am tempted to give quite a few of these eats a try. I've been attempting a mostly vegan diet and I am amazed at the amount of energy and motivation I have all of a sudden. Can't wait to read more on your newest adventure!