Monday, January 14, 2013

Day 2: Raw Food ( Let's soak some stuff)

It's only Day 2 of my Raw food challenge, and I must admit, I was tempted to give it up by breakfast ( I love my bagels!). But, I didn't. Instead, after another kale and orange smoothie, I got to work on a dinner and dessert.

I swear I could have made an entire Thanksgiving dinner in the time these two things took! I wish I was joking! Raw food has a lot of "soaking" in the instructions! Soak almonds. Soak quinoa (that has actually been soaking since yesterday!). Soak celery and leeks. I had a million bowls lying around half the day, just soaking. In between soaking, I was chopping and blending, warming up my coconut oil, cutting up the mango, marinating mushrooms, measuring out ingredients,  and trying to keep up with all the dishes I seemed to produce.

After much preparation, I have made a "stuffing" to plop into veggies. And, I even got to warm it up in the oven for a little bit.

And here is the mango and mixed berry "parfait" w/ "Chantilly creme" ( a delicious blend of almonds, almond milk, and a bit of agave). It  didn't hold up like in the book's picture, but it was really good. I'll try it again.

In between all the chopping and blending I did find time to do a spread in my art journal.

Tomorrow? I may have to do something besides a smoothie for breakfast! 


millicent said...

Sprouts anyone? I have done the raw food thing a couple of times. I must say- you are really getting creative. I think you have to- to stay excited about the whole thing. Good for you! I make a mean raw salad. Recipe is in the mail to ya.

millicent said...


craftattack said...

Looks very interesting, but I think I will stick to my hot veggie soups! Hugs, Valerie

Donna, Doni, Lady D said...

Looks very delicious from your photos - certainly you are making a stellar effort! Not sure I would have the patience (Or the desire HA!). Good to experience different things. xoDonna

Corrine at said...

Wonderful watercolors....I give you lots of credit, raw becomes your life it seems.....xox

Barbara said...

I am smiling Katie...soaking stuff should come natural to you with your kind of felting. Love your "journai-diaries"!