Friday, March 25, 2011

A Wedding Gift

It just so happened that I came across some hilarious (slightly embarrassing) photos of my cousin just in time to make a gift for his new wife-to-be this Saturday. I will not post them here but let's just say it was at the Burning Man festival in Neveda and people wear some crazy stuff.

I made a quilted mini book/ frame. One picture can slide in the side of the frame and others are held in the pocket. I thought this would be pretty to take to the office or meet friends and show off a few wedding photos.

My Mom is taking it to the wedding in CT. this weekend. I hope she likes it and I hope the family has a good time looking at the photos. At my wedding a couple people had made me albums with pictures from childhood, highschool, and college, and we had a great time looking through them. Also, there are always people at the wedding that didn't know you when you were younger and it's fun to see those other sides of folks.

Hope you all have a great weekend.


craftattack said...

Great idea with a quilted album!

dosfishes said...

What a great idea and a heartfelt give, way to go Katie! I bet the photos will get a chuckle out of his bride to be. xox Corrine

Jill Eudaly said...

nice design on album. the album is a good idea, I bet they love it.

Pipiluciana said...

It's beautiful Katie, you did a nice job! I really like the hearts and the pockets.

Dogwood said...

What a wonderful gift!
Such a sweet treasure for nice memories.
You did a great job.
Enjoy your weekend.

Donna, Doni, Lady D said...

Clever girl, Katie! It will be a treasure. Donna

Anonymous said...

Miss Katie - I have found you! Thank you so VERY much for this beautiful gift with hilarious pictures :) In answer to your question: YES, I did know who I was just confirmed it! You are certainly very creative and I love your site!
*~With love, the new Mrs. Neilan~* :)

neki desu said...

from all i've seen here this one's my absolute fave!!