Saturday, July 23, 2011

A Page and a poet

I was recently introduced to the poetry of Kim Addonizio. It gave me some inspiration to write more of my own - not quite ready to share that- but I will share my journal page where I will safely have her name and a little motivation.

And here is one of her poems I adore.

By Kim Addonizio
When you are finally, magically, able to clone
yourself into several identical women,
so that each one can move toward a man
who’s been waiting for his turn
to come around for the first time, or maybe again,
won’t you be happy then,
all of you together in a lustrous ballroom,
each woman wearing her distinguishing number,
the judges scoring everyone the same, music spilling
from the bandstand, the men thrilled
to be near you, each one whispering
a different pet name, each one polishing
with his black shoes a perfect circle of floor
while he raises you up, holding your
hips in his hands, gazing at you with his brown
or mottled green eyes, looking down
with his startling blue ones, taking you into a corner
then spinning you out toward the center
where the light from the mirrorball
splinters over your skin, sidereal
as your sequined dress, and you feel
as complete as you’ll ever feel,
moving through all your true and beautiful lives
while the real one pales.


artymess said...

lovely poem ......i really enjoy poetry very inspirational ....x

Donna, Doni, Lady D said...

Wonderful poetry! I must look her up. Happy you journal about it -- love your face on the journal page. Perhaps one day soon you and your muse will allow us to share the piece you wrote. I would love that. xxDonna

craftattack said...

Great page and wonderful poetry, very inspirational! Valerie

Dosfishes at Sparkle Days Studios said...

Great visual poem, I felt like I was in the room with all those beautiful selves. I can see why you like her work. Nice journal expression, keep writing, keep creating, it's all good right? xox Corrine

Lenna Young Andrews said...

Katie, I love this poem. It is extraordinary and captured me immediately. I am so glad you posted it and made a commitment to yourself to write more poetry. I used to write lots of poetry, but not so much for a while. Good journal stuff!

Joanna said...

Fantastic poetry, and I love the page you've done here.

Of course I want to read some of your poetry, when you're ready to share.