Friday, January 21, 2011

Small quilts and the Civil War

 I have been making small quilts lately, mainly for dolls,  and I decided I needed to do more with it. I also needed to learn some techniques and tricks.  It is so difficult to get these little 3'' squares to lay flat. I enjoy classes and things to meet people so I signed up for a small quilt club in town, "Jo's Little Women". We use patterns from Jo Morton and her Civil War reproduction fabrics.

The teacher, and beloved quilt guru, suggested we also learn a bit more about the American Civil War to share at meetings. Well, aside from crafts, I also love to do research!

Within just a few days I already have a short pile of books found at a local used shop. One of the most interesting  is "Weep not for me, dear Mother" by Elizabeth Whitley Robertson. She came into possession of letters written by a Confederate soldier, Eli Pinson Landers, and has compiled them along with researching the battles, places, and conditions he wrote of. I am a sucker for old letters and his are definately worth reading.  I like to hear personal stories and opinions from these historical events. Every war has thousands of stories.

Two others I found were "Civil War Women" ( a collection of fiction) and "Russell's Civil War Photographs" by Andrew J. Russell. It's nice to see images from the day. Pretty amazing really. All of my photos of my quilt squares have his photos as the background.

These are just the first 2 squares for a 19''x19'' quilt. Much more to do!


Donna, Doni, Lady D said...

Gorgeous Katie. The history is fascinating.

Junibears said...

Your quilts are beautiful and how wonderful to find out such a lot of history as you make them. I too think it's marvellous that so many photographs have survived from the Civil war. Hugs xx

Joanna said...

How interesting, Katie. Wonderful little quilts and fab photographs underneath. Looking forward to seeing some more, and maybe some excerpts from the books, please please please?