Saturday, January 22, 2011

Civil War letters and another quilt block

I tried a different fabric combination tonight which I like a lot better. I think the pinks and greens are a better fit.

General Webb's headquarters, Culpeper, Dec.1863
I wanted to share a few of the letters Confederate soldier, Eli Pinson Landers, wrote home to his mother in Weep Not for Me, Dear Mother by Elizabeth Whitley Roberson.
These ones are from the beginning of the war, before Eli had seen much action, and was getting settled into military life.

My Respected Mother,
I went up in town today and got my ambertype taken which I will send to you and I want you to keep this one for me and believe it to be the same boy that left you.  This one cost 3 dollars but you won't take $100 for it when you get it. Mamma I want you to keep my picture as long as you live and show it to all the girls.  Tell them that it is a Virginia Ranger. It is just like me now so you can guess how I look.  "It" tells the girls and you howda for me.  It can't talk with you but if I was there I could tell you a heap!  Look on the cartridge box and you will find my name which was put there with a lead pencil.  So keep this picture my dear mother for it is just like I am now.  Remember that it is a son of yours who is in the noble cause of his country and who will willingly stay with it till death if needed!

Civil War photo by Andrew J Russell
  Here is a little from a letter his mother wrote him:

Eli, you needn't be uneasy about us for we are surrounded with Christian friends while you are there with Yankeys and if we never meet in this world I want us to try to meet in a better one.

A small undated portion written by Eli:

" I was in hopes that this war would soon close but from the reading of the late papers I think we may lay down all hopes of peace and prepare for an Everlasting War.  I am afraid that we are a ruined Nation, but let us not be disheartened for all things must work out to the Will of God."

Civil War photo by Andrew J Russell

" Mamma don't be uneasy about me for we are well fixed for living with a good log cabin dobbed as tight as a tater house..."

I will include more of the letters as my small quilt progresses. I definately recommend this book for anyone interested in the Civil War. And while I may be a Yankee I am growing often fond of Eli.


Joanna said...

Those letters are so sad - fancy a mother writing to her son that 'if we never meet in this world I want us to try and meet in a better one.' and knowing she may well never see him again. Powerful letters. Sweet quilt block, very pretty colouring.


Cindy Adkins said...

Oh what a touching post and beautiful work...truly amazing!

Cindy Adkins said...

Also, have you read "Little Women?" It is a really good book.

Judy said...

Perfect colour combinations, Katie, you've just rminded me of my quilt - yet to be finished - tucked away in the cupboard (7 years ago!!!)

Anonymous said...

This is making me want to look around for a collection of Civil War letters. I better there were some pretty powerful, historical things written.


Things Hand Made said...

Very touching. I do not know much about the civil war but it is alwasy good to touch history through the lives of real people. Thanks

jackie said...

Thank you for your comment. I like you Civil War photos and memorabilia. Good luck with the quilting and this years' bundle.

Cindy Adkins said...

Hi Katie,
Thank you so much for coming to visit my blog...I should tell you I live in New Orleans and write for the newspaper and have done some stories on plantations...The interesting thing is that when we bought our home, we didn't know that this was the former grounds of a huge plantation...(The good part is, it was in a place where it was a swamp, so no one worked in this part...I'm so glad for that!)

Donna, Doni, Lady D said...

Hi Katie, my comments are not working tonight - so I will post here. First of all, I love your quilting, very beautiful. Your corners are exquisite. I'm so happy the envelope arrived. I'm getting to trust the mail here a little. A few more envelopes have also arrived. Have fun.

dosfishes said...

Oh Katie, these are really wonderful, quilting is something I will never try, but I love the interplay with the quilt blocks and photos, fabulous.xox Corrine