Saturday, January 29, 2011

Civil War Quilt Top Finished

All fabric and pattern by Jo Morton
Rejoice! Rejoice! I finished my quilt top for January's small quilt club. I may never do a large quilt again.  Jo Morton has some wonderful Civil War reproduction fabrics to choose from and these small quilts are so fun to do. The finished size on this one is 21 1/4'' by 21 1/4''.

As I have been posting my progress,  I have also been sharing some excerps of letters by Confederate soldier, Eli Pinson Landers,  from Weep Not For Me, Dear Mother by Elizabeth Whitley Roberson.   Here are a few more...

" It makes me feel very bad just to think how many of my old associates is gone and they are all experiencing Eternity while I am yet on Terms of Time and Probation."
August 28, 1863

" All military duty is suspended for today. President Davis has proclaimed this day for fasting and prayer throughout the whole Confederacy, but I think the most of the boys eats a heap and prays but little, but I believe that we will have to be more obedient than we are before we can expect to be delivered from this state of trouble.  We will have to deny our strength and acknowledge the Almighty's."
August 1863

Now, all that's left is the quilting...I'll get to it soon, hopefully.


Junibears said...

Oh I do love your quilt. Congratulations on getting it finished. Such pretty colours. I think it's wonderful that those Civil war letters have survived and been collected
Hugs xx

Joanna said...

Katie well done! The colours are perfect for the time of the Civil War. This has a real aged feel to it.

Those letters break your heart - that they were written by real, often very young, men considering and coming to terms with their own mortality.


Donna, Doni, Lady D said...

Absolutely beautiful! It is an heirloom already.

Christine LeFever said...

What a beautiful small quilt. And so sweet, the memories written by those who lived then.


arts4all said...

After reading your posts about Eli's letters home, I found the book at my local library. The Civil War was such a dreadful time in US history, and war in general is pretty awful. The letters combined with Elizabeth's research make for an inspiring body of work. That you made a quilt in honor of Eli, is a fitting memorial to those young soldiers on both sides.