Monday, March 19, 2012

Playing In Photoshop

Hi everyone!
I haven't been around lately. Honestly, I haven't made too many new things---except mail art that has been happily making its way out into the world.
I have been playing in Photoshop a little....messing with new banners. How do you like the new one I put up there today? I'm not so sure yet, but thankfully, I'm not afraid of playing with my blog and changing it up now! I was always terrified I was only one click away from destoying the whole blog. Ha!
I suppose I still could. Eek!

For my shop, I took a photo of me in the felted earrings and doctored it up so I wasn't so recognizable. Turned out kind of fun.

I did manage to finish one thing on my "to do" list ( that I rarely follow) and made a needlecase. It took on a little life of its own and ended up with a clever little pocket for a mini notebook.
I really like this one....It makes me feel good to say I dyed the fabric myself, handcarved the stamp, and added the embroidery.
 It just makes me happy.

I am hoping to find time this weekend for a lot of crafting and creating. I have my mind set on starting a new doll. I haven't done a full doll in awhile.
But, like I said, I rarely stick with the list.
Oh, I need to get caught up on Darcy's postcard challenge too!
Uh-oh, the list is growing!

Hope you all have a great week.


millicent said...

I LOVE it! Your needle case is super creative. I'm pen-pals with "Awesomeness".

Lisa Graham Art said...

Your new banner is very very nice. It's simple and has your doll which spells you. I have always liked simple. I recently did the same thing. Happy creating!

Julie said...

I love the new banner. The needle book is wonderful!

craftattack said...

Wonderful work! Your portrait is great, and the other things are just so unique and so you! Love 'em all! Hugs, Valerie

Donna, Doni, Lady D said...

LOVE the needle case also! You've been very busy. The new banner is great, although I must say, I did love the red tin at least as part of it. This has nice clean lines though. Do what you love Babe! No letters on the way -- too much company. soon ... xoDonna

Dosfishes at Sparkle Days Studios said...

I like the new banner. You can go into settings and save your template that way if anything goes wrong, you can restore it. I haven't made much but mail art either, my etsy is empty and I need to get cracking and see if there are some things I can put in it.....Like the altered photo of you! xox

artymess said...

Katie you are very cute as a blue girl ....xx

Joanna said...

Your new banner is so cute - that little doll looks gorgeous :o)

I'm not surprised your needlecase makes you happy - it's a real achievement, what with the hand dyed fabric, hand carved stamp, stitching and everything.

Whatever you do at the weekend, enjoy!


Barbara said...

Love your photo, and love your banner too! I don't know what happened to my reading list, but you were noticeably missing. Now I have some catching up to do!

Anonymous said...

Katie, do you follow "Old Paper Art" blog? It's great and I thought since you love mail art you might really like his blog.