Monday, October 24, 2011

A Giant Hug for some mail art goddesses!

The past couple weeks have been full of surprises. I am feeling so thankful to all my wonderful blog friends, mail friends, old friends, new friends, and everyone in between. I am feeling the love and feeling grateful to know all of you.
Look at the wonderful mail that's been rolling in from the US, Mexico, England, and Germany! It's international mail love, too!

My dear friend, Valerie, who I can only think of as "craft attack" (Val, that's what you're known as in my house! hee!), sent this amazing envelope filled with a paper art extravaganza! A very cool book of tags, all with amazing birds and collage! There was also one of her notebooks which didn't make it in the pic because it went straight to my purse for use!  Thank you Val for the amazing gifts and for stopping by my blog so much. It means a lot! If you don't know Valerie yet, you must stop by Bastelmania!


Next up, my lovely friend, Donna! Oh, Donna, you always put together envelopes that are a joy to open! You never know what surprises may be in there! I am in love with your hand made stamps! This horse on the vintage fabric is going to work its way into something soon. And how great are these funky threads!!...right up my alley! Donna Did It is an amazing blog to stop by! Go, see!

Donna Did It!

Corrine at Dosfishes totally surprised me this sly gal! I opened my door on Saturday to find a big envelope sitting on my doorstep ( a cool recycled cereal box, of course!). I am one of the lucky recipients of her wall hangings! Isn't this amazing! It is so cheerful and cool, and already hanging on my wall by the sewing machine. Such a special gift I'll cherish. I also recieved some really fun fabrics and ribbons!...for a gift for Corrine? I think so!


Today, was another day of amazing mail--- and I mean amazing! Anyone who visits Lorna at Artymess has seen and admired her fabric postcards. ( This needs a better discription than postcard---this is insanely detailed and beautiful...I would never risk this one traveling without an envelope!!) I love these rich colors and the embroidery is enviable! Also, she put in some wonderful lace and ribbons! Lorna, you are amazing! Thank you!



I feel like the luckiest girl these days! And thank ALL of you for making me feel extra good. I look forward to more mail swaps with friends and  I always appreciate your kind words when you stop by. I wish I could give you all those big, knock ya over, hugs! xo 


Dosfishes at Sparkle Days Studios said...

Ooh a Lorna. Her stuff is so good, love it. Goodness all around! xox Corrine

Wanda said...

Well a mail art goddess (!) sent me a lovely lil package today. The felting is so cool, thank you!

Donna, Doni, Lady D said...

Oh we are so fortunate, Katie. Recently I posted on the same subject - such generous wonderful friends, bloggers and mail friends. Lovely to see all your creative 'loot'. xxDonna

Joanna said...

WOW, wonderful things have been dropping through your letter box!


artymess said...

you're more than welcome......and thanks for your lovely card too ....x

yvette said...

you lucky bump!

craftattack said...

You lucky girl indeed- But you evidently deserve it! Enjoy all your treasures, Hugs, Valerie

Jill Eudaly said...

love getting stuff from Lorna and Corrine so I get how you feel. Enjoy your new treasures.
xxox, jill

Prasetyo said...

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