Monday, June 4, 2012

The Felting Workshop

The whole reason for going to Durango, CO was to attend a felting workshop with Lisa was 4 days of felting wonder!
I had the best time and learned so much.

We experimented with colors and design,

and rolled, rolled,

and rolled some more.

Here were my doors and windows cut from the color gradation I did with red and purple. I liked them so much. After felting the windows got a wee bit smaller- I am going to stitch around there for more definition and pop.

The little purple and red thing here was one one of doing vessels--this actually has more felting to go. We also learned to felt vessels with a resist, but it has quite a lot more to go- so we'll leave that out for now.

Below, is my mailbox.  Okay, I am not loving this. Maybe some stitching will help it...but I'm not worried about it.  I liked the process and learning how I can take design in felt to another level.  This just didn't happen to be a fave. it was my birthday afterall, I had to treat myself to a pair of Lisa's beautiful earrings! Happy Birthday me! I love these big hoops! Her jewelry is amazing!

Lisa Klakulak's earrings

This is blurry, but I think you get a better idea of my doors and windows...

This isn't felting at all.....this is one more reason to go back...deep fried ice cream at Francisco's Mexican Restaurant!! As good as I remember from my college days there!

Thanks everyone for stopping by. If you missed it, the last two posts are from the trip too. I am still getting all settled and back to work. I need to come and visit all my blog friends-- I promise I will this week! See you soon.


craftattack said...

Great stuff, the earrings are amazing but that deep fried ice-cream wins hands down! Valerie

DIAN said...

Fantastic Felting. Love the colours.

Penny said...

Hmmm do I like the pics of the felting or the ice-cream better? Its a tough call.

Corrine at said...

Oh gosh Katie, wow, these are fantastic. Lisa's work astounds me she is like a felt genie, those earings are something special. More, more more......xox

MulticoloredPieces said...

Oh man! What a great vacation to spend it felting! Love your experiments, Katie. So many possibilities. I thought that little vessel would make a great hat for a doll. And those earrings!
best, nadia

Jill Eudaly said...

Happy Birthday! looks like it was a great trip.

Joanna said...

That felting workshop is perfect for you! Looks like your learned such a lot in a short time.

You HAD to get those gorgeous earrings, I'm sure they've got your name on them somewhere!

Deep fried ice cream, mmmmmmmmmmm!


sara said...

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nini said...

Hello there and thank you for visiting my blog via Liberate your art.

I love your blog too! We have so many things in common O_o

I love your felting here and the carved stamps. And you know what? I too have a birthday in June :)

I'll be following you from now on.

Greetings from Slovenia!

nini from
made by nini

Splendid Little Stars said...

That must have been great fun! You made some great items!