Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Where did May go?

Time ( and apparently creating) got away from me this month...but I've been having the most fun!

I had a trip to Colorado visiting my dear friend, Sara. Here is the stack of letters that I have sent her over the last 12 years or so. Yes, she saves this stuff!  It was so fun to read through them- damn, have I spent a lot of time obsessing over boys! Ha!

They pretty much read as new guy, new job, new city, repeat. hee! hee!

Somewhere in here I did finally put a binding on a wall hanging with my Grandma and items of hers transfered on fabric. Check. Complete SOMETHING.

And last week it was all about my birthday. Day?  Not long enough...it has been extended to a week. And my husband, friends, and family really made me feel loved! The mailman was kept busy. Thank you all!

We went out the day before on a little shopping trip. We were tempted to buy this set-up at an antique mall in town....if only there were more 8 tracks besides Lawrence Welk!!

I spent most of Memorial Day painting and trying out my encaustic stuff. In the end the whole canvas was just covered over again in gesso! It really did look terrible!  But I never  attached these stamps from Mexico I had dipped in wax. They'll find their way into the next canvas.
Donna, I wonder if these are your mail art gems? I received them from another Good Mail Day friend and like to think they made their way here through you!

And this? Well, this is the kind of crap I do when someone points a camera at me!!! Weeee!

Especially when it's my new fancy pants camera my husband got me for my birthday...now, need to learn how to use it and get some better pictures up on this blog! 

June starts tomorrow. More creating too.


craftattack said...

Firstls, happy belated birthday! Glad you had a good May, a little holiday and nice people and memories surrounding you! Hope your june will be just as good if not better. Valerie

Joanna said...

Love your photo, Katie! Happy belated birthday, looks like it was loads of fun.

How funny to read 12 year old letters, I bet they were like they had been written by someone else from another life.


Jill Eudaly said...

love the jump, are you a pro jumper?? I would have to visit the doctor after that move!
Happy Birthday!

Donna, Doni, Lady D said...

Oh Katie -- you almost got lift off -- a little more 'wind beneath your wings' and you would have been flying. I feel bad I didn't know it was your birthday! Happy you had a good one, and a very happy belated .. sending huge hug. No, I'm afraid the stamps didn't come through me ... in all my boxes of stamps I cannot find one from Mexico .. strange. Your Grandmother's piece is beautiful .. I know how special she was to you and this will always be a visual reminder to evoke those wonderful memories. Take care ,.. YES, it's JUNE! Can you believe it! Make it a great month for yourself. I know you will. Love the pile of old letters! hugs, Donna

Emma said...

Happy Birthday! I agree, it's taken almost all year to be 50 ;) & it's almost up, scary!

Love the waxy stamps but that background started off great.

chezhdgbp said...
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John the Mailman said...

LOVE the pictures. They complement your blog so beautifully. I'm glad your hubby bought you a new camera to play with--remember, the joy is in the discovery!
On behalf of the US Postal Service (not that I'm an actual spokesman or anything), thanks to you and yours for using the USPS to deliver your birthday goodies!

Continued best wishes,
Your #1 Fan,
John the Mailman

John the Mailman said...

p.s. That picture of you radiates such pure joy! That's what I've imagined you're like--it comes out in your work, too.

--John the Mm

Dosfishes at Sparkle Days Studios said...

Looks like a birthday happy dance to me! Belated wishes. xox Corrine Red pants for the red tin?

Julie said...

Happy belated birthday! The picture of you is great. :)

jan said...

Thanks for the lovely comment you left on my blog, I'm off to have a look at your work x

LME said...

Nice blog :)

Lorraine said...

you have some lovely fabric art on here..love the fact you have kept all those letters too

Jill Eudaly said...

I was having trouble leaving comments a week ago. from reading other posts it's happening all over place and others are having issues with downloading photos.