Thursday, October 21, 2010

Post Pals and the joy of mail!

Coming home and having mail makes any day better. I think this is universal. I wanted to tell everyone about two great projects involving that beloved real mail.
First, I recently discovered a wonderful non-profit called Post Pals. A young woman in her 20s, who grew up in and out of hospitals, started this program to send postcards and mail to sick children in the UK. You can read more about her, and the recipients, on the website. As a postcard maker and collector, I of course wanted to participate...and I love sending quilted postcards to hopefully brighten up a child's day.

I also do postcrossing where over 200,000 users exchange postcards all over the world. It's great to learn more about people and places, and this is why I usually come home to fun mail! Today- Malaysia and Belarus! This week they posted a story about a young girl in London, Ohio, USA who is going through extensive treatment for a brain tumor. One of her only requests was she wished she could recieve postcards from around the world. I'm sure the postcrossers of the world will deliver. Maybe you can too. Please check out the link to get more info and address.
Many people on all the fantastic, artsy  blogs I look through every day are making amazing postcards. I thought you may like to share them with a grateful child.

Here's a quilted card I just sent off to the UK. I hope some of you can participate. Have a wonderful day!

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