Sunday, August 29, 2010

The launch of The Red Tin

My blog name stems from the wonderful, old red tin my Grandma gave me a while ago. It was filled with the most amazing and intriguing sewing trinkets and bobbles: vintage buttons, lace, keys, velvet ribbons, buckles, snaps, and all manner of odds and ends. The possibilities to use them in a mixture of art projects was endless! Suddenly, felted dolls were adorned with costume jewelry, ribbons bordered fabric postcards and art quilts, and old packages of sewing needles blended into collage. The Red Tin has become a cherished treasure chest and source of inspiration.

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Sean and Mic said...

Hi Katie-
I am a co-worker and friend of Lawrence's, and he told me all about your new blog.
Wow, you are quite talented!
I love your Inchy by Inch mini quilts. Too cool.