Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Day 4: Raw Food ( Beets: Also a great art supply)

Time to play with the food before preparing it! 
I got out various kinds of paper I have- some watercolor, some handmade (not by me). I used the ends of the beets to pretty much stamp on the paper, used the edge of the beet to make little marks, and the "tail" of the beet to pretty much draw like a crayon. Here's the paper now...

I may use it to make some envelopes for mail art. So, some of you may see this in your mailbox. I apologize in advance if it stains your hands or other mail!

After playing around, I made a medley of purple. Grated and sliced beets marinated three ways and a little radicchio for some variation. 

Dessert was awesome tonight! 
These are from Raw Food Kitchen too. I really like Dunja Gulin's book. These may have been one of the things that made me buy it!
They are called "apricot cheesecake cupcakes". Like everything raw I have made, they are nothing like cheesecake or cupcakes, but they are DELICIOUS!
The flavor reminds me of some Christmas cookie doughs. 

The book says to use a cupcake tin and line the bottom with cling wrap, but I used our ravioli maker instead. It has the perfect shape and size for these, and the cups are shallow so it was easy to pop them right off.

I even got out the cake decorating stuff and piped on the "cheesecake"! I don't think I've used those in five years. See, there is a reason I keep all this stuff!

I did eat some other stuff today, but not really photo worthy! And I never think pictures of kale smoothies look very appetizing...better just to drink it and get on with the day!


Unknown said...

Are all these photos of the food you have prepared? If so --- WOZZA -- such beautiful shots - you could be in magazines. Looks really yummy, Katie - you're going a great job! xodonna

Barbara said...

This all looks delicious! Hang in there. We are all enjoying it so much!

Katie said...

Thanks Donna! They're all my photos, of course.
Actually, I did realize I love taking pics of food! ha! I'll be out buying lighting things. ha!

Valerie-Jael said...

The food looks great, def. more inspiring than my daily veggie soup! Valerie

Carol Rigby said...

Well done for sticking to it this long. I don't think I could. It will be interesting to see if you feel better in yourself as a result. I could'nt eat that beetroot dish but it looked very pretty on the plate.

Kate Fernyhough said...

I'm really enjoying your raw food story! Now and then I threaten my kids that we'll go vegetarian!! Your photos make it look delicious. Best wishes Kate

Penny said...

You're making this diet look GOOD! I'm not much of one for beets but even they look good. Love the fact that you can use your food not only to eat but to dye!

Anonymous said...

The desserts look quite good and I do love all the fresh veg, and figures you would find a way to make art before eating!!!! I guess I would just want some of it cooked. Good for you to be so creative in the kitchen. How is hubby doing with it? xox

ACreativeDreamer said...

First, I want to thank you for dropping in over on my blog and leaving such a nice comment. Of course I had to come visit yours then... I'm impressed with the raw food adventure. I've been a vegetarian for the last 20+ years, but I'm not at all sure I can go raw... just so much work to it. I do love my smoothies though, and they are so good for you!

I'm going to visit again when I have lots more time to look at all your amazing art too! Just love it when I find wonderful blogs!